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Saturday, 12 March 2011


Welcome to my blog and cheers to my first post.  I am in the process of entering 3 or 4 challenges with some cards I have created so will hopefully post them shortly ..... I just wanted to jump on and say hi ....  Hopefully my blog will be filled with lots of yummy handmade creations like cards, off-the-page projects (bags and boxes, mini albums and handmade flowers) and scrapbook pages.

Being an avid cook I hope to keep you updated on all the yummy food we prepare and the fun times we have around it ....  I got my love of cooking from my Mum, Krystyna, who sadly left my side 4 years ago but is with me in spirit and soul every minute of every day (as is my dear Dad who joined his "Krissie" in 2009).  So many of my childhood memories are of our family and friends and my Mum's beautiful food and I hope to continue on in her honour.

So, thanks for visiting and I hope to have some photoes and interesting stories to tell in future posts. xoxo


  1. Welcome to the blog world MIss Dulie:)
    I cant wait to see a card on here lol
    Cheers Vic

  2. Yay!! hi julie :) you are too clever can't wait to see more from your world of happiness!!
    Tam xx